I was a young mom at 19. My daughter and I did everything we could to make ends meet.  I was always feeling a bit behind and I was certainly not able to afford the latest trends in kids clothes. Often using hand me downs and donated clothes.

There is very little time and a lot of expenses when you become a parent, but the excitement of watching your child/children grow and watch as thier character, their style, and their persona evolve is amazing. Being able to express yourself as a parent as well as allowing your child to feel comfortable and confident in just being them! 

Fast forward, I am a full-time working mom of 4 girls. It is hard to find the time to work and keep up with running the family and home. I am always envious of the moms that are able to not only do it all, but keep their kids in fashionable and stylish clothing. It was always a struggle to find the time, but to find stylish products that are not expensive. 

The hive evolved from wanting to fix a problem that the busy parent has by providing affordable products that bring some of the coolest trednds and fashion to a place where you can shop and have a great experience while not compromising look, quality, and style.

This is my legacy. My daughers will grow up watching strong and smart women as entrpreneurs and workers. We can show them we can do anything we put our mind too. Anyone can start with a vision and follow it through. 


Thank you for being a part of our journey, I hope it adds a bit more joy and fun to you life. - Love the Little Women Meg, Hailey, Maisie, Miya, and Peri

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