The Hive, founded by Meg Faulkner, a mother of four, is a Maine-based e-commerce store that brings together reliable, classic, quality clothing for children at affordable prices. Our one-stop-shop carries a wide variety of national and international brands, ensuring parents can find the perfect items to dress their growing kids stylishly and economically. The Hive's name reflects the essence of a loving family home, buzzing with activity and unity. We take pride in hand-packing our products with love, shipping them straight from Maine to deliver an exceptional experience. Furthermore, The Hive donates 50 cents to a scholarship fund for parents in need for every item sold, reflecting our commitment to the community.

The Hive's Mission

The Hive's mission is to create a supportive community for families and parents by offering reliable, classic, and quality clothing at affordable prices. Meg's experiences as a mother of four have inspired the brand's commitment to ease parents' burdens while providing clothes that kids will love and parents will appreciate.

The Hive aims to foster a sense of unity and love, embracing the "for the people, by the people, for the kids, by the kids" ethos. Our store is designed to be a one-stop shop for families, with a wide variety of national and international brands catering to diverse tastes and needs. By donating a portion of every sale to a scholarship fund for parents in need, we extend our support beyond our store and into the lives of families who need it most.

Beautiful Childrens Clothes
Meg Faulkner, Found of The Hive

About Meg, The Founder

Meg Faulkner, the founder of The Hive, is a dedicated mother of four whose personal experiences have shaped the brand's mission and values. Her journey as a parent has fueled her passion for providing affordable, quality clothing that kids will love and parents can rely on. Meg understands the challenges families face in finding beautiful, durable clothes for their growing children, and she created The Hive to offer a one-stop shopping solution.

The Hive's name was inspired by Meg's own home, which she likens to a beehive - full of activity, unity, and a balance of chaos and love. This vision led her to create a brand that fosters a sense of community and support for families while ensuring they have access to the best quality clothing from national and international brands.

Meg's commitment to her customers goes beyond just offering great products. She personally hand-packs many of the items shipped out of Maine, ensuring that each package is sent with love and care. Furthermore, Meg's dedication to giving back to the community is demonstrated by The Hive's scholarship fund, which benefits from a 50-cent donation for every item sold.

Meg's passion and personal touch make The Hive more than just an e-commerce store; it's a community-focused brand that truly cares about the families it serves.

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